Affects of Social Media over Us

Most of the people nowadays are involved in the use of social media. It is the means with which we are able to express our ideas and thoughts with the people who are out of our physical reach. The world has drastically changed with the use of social media. One is able to know the news, views and ideas of other place by being far from the place where it actually occurred. With the use of different social media,the world has undergone some drastic positive and negative changes.

Before some years, the only mass media people knew was television ans radio. But today, different applications and means has developed to connect people. Some of which are; facebook, twitter, instagram,etc. These social medias have removed the barriers for people to connect. Now, with the use of these media s/he is able to interact with people who are far away from them. They now can know daily updates of their distant friends and show their regards instantly. Not only personally, the medias have also helped in commercial sectors. People are expanding their business with the use of social media. They are now able to advertise their products and work to increase their market. Social media has also discovered the talent of different people. For example, Youtube’s use have given a way of earning, to many people who have unique talent and are able to share those very talent in internet. The other good use of social media is that it provides knowledge on different topics and field. People write blog where they share their idea and information so other people can read it. With all these advantages, social media also have some adverse effect. With all these advantages, social media also have some adverse effect.

Many of the youngsters are wasting their productive time on social media. Rather than using it as a learning tool, social media has become more of an entertainment medium. They spend hours on social sites and looses their focus on real time activity. The use of social media has also decreased the brainstorming power of students. Instead of doing research by themselves, they simply go through Internet’s finding that are researched by someone else. People might get addicted to purposeless things like watching porn, chatting too much, etc. It puts negative impact on teenagers by which they might be involved in some criminal activities too. Social media use has become so addictive that they even give out their important work sometimes. On the other hand computer hackers are actively in search of the way with which they can suck out important information about one’s account. So, security concern is also the effect of the use of social media.

Overall, in my opinion, I think social media has great use if one know the proper use of it. It can be really helpful to reach out the world with simplest method. In same way, if we engage ourselves too much on social media and give up on actual people around us then this might be a problem. Thus, we must have ability to use social media wisely.